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Southern Tier Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout

Mar 21, 2013 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

Southern Tier Brewing Company, located in Lakewood, New York, has built a reputation of brewing some pretty awesome beers since 2002. They have a number of popular year-round beers such as their 2X IPA, Iniquity Black Ale, and Unearthly IPA. They also feature seasonal favorites like 2X Christmas and Imperial Pumpking. This is my first […]

Southern Tier Double Milk Stout

Nov 16, 2012 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

As the weather outside begins to chill, it’s time to warm up to a good stout. Tonight, my choice is Southern Tier’s Double Milk Stout. The stout is not a beer style I have always enjoyed, but I find that I’m liking them more and more. This is my first milk stout, and I’d say […]