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Homebrew Batch 3

Jul 27, 2012 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

For Fathers’ Day my wife bought me a new brewing kit with the necessary ingredients to brew an American Pale Ale. Although we already have all the basic equipment we need for brewing, this kit is a little different. The most significant difference in this set-up versus our previous is it came with a 1-gallon […]

Columbus Brewing Co. Pale Ale

Mar 15, 2012 - Beer - 1 Comments - Standard

Columbus Brewing Co. is a local brew pub and brewery in Columbus, Ohio, featuring three year-round beers and two seasonal beers. Their Pale Ale is one of their year-rounds brews and it is a very solid beer. This beer pours a nice copper color with a slight haze and about two fingers of head. The […]