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Epic Brewing Double Skull Doppelbock

Mar 23, 2013 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

Spring has just begun, but I’ve been on a bock and doppelbock for a while now. Rogue Dead Guy is a favorite of mine, and Brooklyn’s Silver¬†Anniversary Lager is amazing,¬†but I have also been trying some new beers within this style as well. On that list is a bomber of Epic Brewing Double Skull Doppelbock […]

Great Lakes Dopplerock

Mar 03, 2012 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

Doppelrock is a beer that I had heard about but had never actually seen in the store. The 4-pack I picked up happened to be the very last one on the shelf, so I didn’t hesitate to grab it. I’ve been a big fan of Great Lakes for a while, so I was quite eager […]