About Me


My name is Paul and Rough Draught is my blog. The picture to the left is me, albeit a cartoon version of me. I look much less cartoonish in real life, I think. In real life, I have a lovely wife, two boys, and a regular nine-to-five job. On the internet, I write about stuff.

Rough Draught began its life as a beer blog, a project born out of the love my brother and share for fine craft beer. Neither of us make any claims of being beer experts, although, that story may change after a few pints. This blog gave us a good reason to hang out and enjoy a few brews. It was a outlet for me to discuss why I love or hate a certain beer. Beer is such a fascinating product, and this blog gave me an opportunity to learn the nuances of each style. My brother and I have even experimented with homebrewing and lived to tell about it.

Having said that, Rough Draught is not devoted to beer exclusively. While it may have started life as a beer blog, I felt compelled to take Rough Draught in other directions as well. My interests are far too broad to pigeonhole myself into just one or two topics. I am a book nerd and I read several books each month, so it is fair to say that I may write about books from time to time. I like learning various so-called “life hacks,” so I will likely share some of my favorites. I have quite a bit of fun experimenting with mobile photography using my iPhone, so I may share some of my work here as well. These are all topics on which I am also not an expert, which, in my mind, makes me perfectly qualified to blog about them.

If you’ve made it to this point on the page, I want to thank you for visiting. My hope is that you’ll come back and that you have as much fun reading Rough Draught as I have writing it. Cheers!