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My First Attempt at Time Lapse Photography

SunsetInspired by this stunning time lapse video of Yosemite National Park by photographers Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill, I decided to try to create my own time lapse photography. I have experimented in the past with the high speed camera on my iPhone (not exactly professional-grade equipment, but fun nonetheless), but I have no experience with time lapse. After a bit of research I figured I could create something decent. The video below is my first attempt at time lapse photography using iPhone 5s.

It is armature quality to be sure, but for my first attempt I’m happy with it. To create the film, I attached my iPhone to a conventional tripod (intended for a digital camera) using a couple rubber bands. I used an app called Lapse It to capture the stills and compose the final video. Finally, I used the app GameUrVideo to add the music and trim the video to size.

Time lapse photography takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. The video I shot is composed of approximate 250 still frames shot 6 seconds apart and played back at 24 frames per second. That means I had to shoot 10 photos every minute for about 25 minutes to create a 10-second video. Luckily Lapse It takes care of all the hard work for me; I just set it and forget it. Despite my high level of impatiences, this was a fun little project and I’m sure I’ll be trying it again soon.

2 Responses to My First Attempt at Time Lapse Photography

  1. Brian Matthews

    Pretty cool. I need to start doing some time lapse experimenting my self. I’d love to have a really high pixel one as a screen saver.

    15 Mar 2014 - Reply
    • Paul T

      Thanks! I’d like to try with a DSLR but the process will be a lot more manual.

      15 Mar 2014 - Reply

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