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Best Post Workout Shake Ever

Best post workout shake everOne of the key components of any great workout is the post workout shake. Delivery of amino acids and other nutrients to your muscles after a workout is essential for reducing recovery time and promoting muscle protein synthesis. The problem with protein shakes is that the powder is usually hard to mix and they rarely tastes as good as advertised. It’s usually a safe bet that the “chocolate” flavor is going to be awful. I can usually tolerate vanilla because it will take on the flavor of whatever I add to it. Unfortunately, it’s usually still a chore to finsih the entire shake.

After much experimentation with different brands, flavors, and other ingredients, I have finally found the recipe for the best post workout shake ever:

Just throw everything in your blender together and blend to your desired thickness. You can add more or less juice/water to suit your tastes as well. Out of all the protein powders I’ve tried, BSN Syntha-6 is by far the easiest to mix and the best tasting. If I don’t have all the above ingredients or don’t have time to mix them, Syntha-6 dissolves quickly and easily in a shaker with just water or juice without tasting like chalk. If you have a recipe for a post workout shake that you thing is the best ever, share it in the comments below.

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