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Best Places to Buy Craft Beer in Columbus

ColumbusOne of my favorite things about drinking craft beer is the adventure involved in trying to get my hangs on some of the more difficult to find beers. There is certainly no shortage of great places to buy craft beer in Columbus, including some chain stores, such as Giant Eagle and World Market. Those stores, however, don’t usually carry the one-off, specialty brews that true beer nerds love to drink. Therefore, finding a local bottle shop to fill your needs is essential. Below is a few of my favorite spots around the city, but this is not at all meant intended to be an exhaustive list.

Kenny Road Market, 4658 Kenny Road- When I first really started getting into drinking craft beers beyond what I could find at Giant Eagle, Kenny Road Market became my go-to spot. From the outside, the store looks like a typical carry-out, but don’t let looks deceive you; they have an awesome selection of specialty and craft beer. They also have a pretty decent wine selection, but I’m not much of a wine drinker. Kenny Road Market has a very helpful and knowledgeable staff who will help you find what you’re looking for.

Palmer’s Beverage Center, 3375 Indianola Avenue- Palmer’s has a really good selection of craft beer in their coolers, but I like to come here for bombers. They also have an impressive wine selection.

Weiland’s Gourmet Market, 3600 Indianola Avenue- Weiland’s Gourmet Market is a full supermarket that can be a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. They’re on this list, though, because the have an outstanding craft beer selection. If you like to put together your own 6-pack, this is the place to go. They also carry a wide variety of spirits.

Blacklick Wine & Spirits, 7199 East Broad Street, Blacklick, OH- I have only been to Blacklick Wine & Spirits a couple of times because it’s quite a drive for me, but their selection is truly impressive. They have just about everything; import and domestic craft beer, a huge wine selection, and they are a State Liquor Agency. If you already know what you want and don’t need to browse, they have a “Brew-Thru” drive-up window for convenience  Better yet, if you live nearby, they’ll deliver to your door. They also have beer and wine tastings on Thursday and Friday nights. I only wish they were closer to my home.

Gentile’s Wine Sellers, 1565 King Avenue- Gentiles’s Wine Sellers has a very nice craft beer selection, including keg sales, but that’s not the only reason they’re on this list. For the home-brewer, Gentile’s is a must. They have everything you could possibly need for your home-brewing operation, whether you are a novice or a seasoned vet.

Savor Market, 4440 Indianola Avenue- Savor Market has quickly become my favorite spot for all my craft beer needs. They have over 600 craft and import beers, tons of bombers, and great wine selection. They have also recently added a growler-filling station with awesome, rotation selection on draught. You can purchase a growl there with the Savor logo on it, but they’ll also fill outside growlers if you already own one. You can also join them every Friday nights from 5-7 for beer tastings. The staff here are amazing and will help you find what ever meets your tastes.

These are few of my favorite locations in Columbus to by craft beer, but it’s certainly not a complete list. There are tons of great locations in and around the city to serve the craft beer crowd. So I want to hear from you; if your favorite isn’t on my list, tell me about it and I’ll go check it out. Cheers!

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