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Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPADogfish Head 75 Minute IPA is much more than just a mid-way point between the popular 60 and the 90 Minute IPAs. The Delaware-based brewery does a number of things differently with this limited-release beer to make it a truly special brew. Maple Syrup is added to the beer and it is bottle conditioned (which is another way of saying it is allowed to ferment in the bottle). It is also dry-hopped with cascade hops to give the aroma a little extra hop kick.

The pour gives way to a vibrant orange beer with some moderate haze. This haziness is the by-product of the bottle conditioning. There is a lot of sediment in the bottom of the bottle, so pour with care. My pour yielded several fingers of creamy, off-white head with decent lacing and retention.

Being dry-hopped, this beer has a strong hop nose, but it’s also very complex. There’s definitely some sweetness in the aroma, perhaps from the maple syrup, and the hops give the beer a really great citrus blast. It also has a very earthy undertone, with lots of pine and floral notes.

Up front, the 75 minute IPA is quite sweet, and I can taste a bit of yeast and bread. The piney and floral earthiness in the aroma comes though in the taste as well. There is only a very faint hint of maple syrup in the taste, with is a little disappointing. It’s quite hoppy, but unlike beers that more aggressively hopped (Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, for example), the hops in this beer gradually sneak up on the pallet rather than bombard it, and the bitterness lingers for a while. The hops also impart a wonderful grapefruit and orange flavor to the brew.

This a full-bodied beer with a very creamy mouthfeel and moderate carbonation. The finish is a bit sticky and dry with very little boozy taste.

I really enjoyed this beer. It has a unique flavor profile and a great aroma. This is a limited release specialty brew from Dogfish Head, so you may have trouble finding it. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some, let me know what you think. Cheers!

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