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Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager

Brooklyn Silver Anniversary LagerBrooklyn Brewery opened their doors in 1988, and over the years they have established a reputation of creating excellent beers, including Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Brown Ale. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Brooklyn Brewery has crafted an amazing beer that is a twist on an old favorite. Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager essentially takes the well-known and loved Brooklyn Lager and brews it to Dopplebock intensity, then re-ferments the beer in the bottle. The end result is a stunning, high-quality brew. And, since this blog is dedicated to beer and music, I decided I would enjoy this beer whilst listening to the number one song on the pop charts in March, 1988; Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astly.

Brooklyn Anniversary Lager is bottled in an elegant 750ml bottle with awesome artwork and reflective silver script on the label. After a quick pop of the cork, the beer pours a rich, dark amber color, with bursts of brown and red. Because this beer is bottle conditioned, it is also very hazy. The head on the beer is huge and retention and lacing are both excellent.

“We’re no strangers to love,” or in this case, dopplebocks, and the nose on this beer is very true to style. The first thing that hits the nose is the malt aroma which smells rather toasty  There is also some sweetness in the aroma, as well as some dark fruits, like dates or figs. Yeast is prominent in the aroma, and this is surely a result of the beer being bottle conditioned. Finally, there is a nice tickle in the nostrils from the hops. I love the complexity in this beer’s aroma.

As one might expect from a dopplebock, this beer is very heavy on the malt flavor. Up front, it’s sweet with maybe a hint of honey, and the toasty, caramel malts are very prominent. I can taste some those dark fruits I picked up in the nose, and the yeast makes its presence know as well. On the back end, there’s a nice kick from the hops, followed by a dry finish with medium alcohol warmth. This lager is very full-bodied, creamy, and exceedingly smooth. “A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of; you wouldn’t get this from any other” brewery. This is an amazing dopplebock, and Brooklyn’s commitment to the style is evident throughout.

I was lucky enough to hit my local bottle shop just as they received their shipment of this beauty; my bottle came straight out of the case and hadn’t even hit the shelf yet. If you want a great beer you’ll never want to give up, and one that will definitely never let you down, go to your local bottle shop and ask for Brooklyn Silver Anniversary Lager. Trust me on this one; just like Rick Astly, I’m “never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.” Cheers!

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