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Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Rogue Dead Guy AleRogue Dead Guy Ale is generally a staple of any decent bar or beer shop, and most beer nerds, like me, have had Dead Guy many times. Therefore, this post isn’t likely to surprise anyone. I chose this beer, though, for a couple reasons. First it’s awesome and I enjoy drinking it. Second, as if any other reason is necessary, it is a perfect beer for the upcoming spring season. Dead Guy is not a seasonable beer, but it is a Maibock beer, which is the typical style of beer for the Spring season.

Dead Guy has a slightly hazy amber color with about a finger and a half of off-white head. The head dissolves quickly, but leaves behind some decent lacing. The tiny bubbles floating to the top are a clue to this beer’s medium carbonation.

The aroma is quite fruity and sweet. I can detect some dark fruits and even some citrus. The malt aroma is also very forward with notes of toffee and caramel.  There is an underlying aroma of floral hops that is noticeable yet not overpowering. This beer has a very pleasant nose.

Dead Guy Ale packs in quite a few flavors, beginning with the dark fruits I noticed in the aroma. I can detect some cherries and, perhaps, some dates, which add some sweetness to taste. I also taste some caramel and roasted malts. Finally, the beer gives the pallet a slight tingle from the hops and finishes with medium dryness and very little alcohol warmth. Dead Guy has a medium-to-full body with medium carbonation.

I’m sure most of my readers have had Dead Guy many times, and for good reason. This is an outstanding beer that always seems to hit the spot. This particular serving was from a 12 oz. bottle, but it’s even better on draught. With Spring right around the corner, this is a great beer to thaw you out from a frosty winter. If you’re new to Dead Guy, give it a shot and let me know what you think. If you’ve had it before, do you prefer a bottle or draught?

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