April 2012 - Rough Draught

Magic Hat #9

Apr 13, 2012 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

Magic Hat #9 was one of my very first forays into craft beer, and for that reason it holds special place in my heart. I’m not willing to go so far as to call this a world-class beer, because it isn’t, but from my very first bottle many years ago, it has remained one of […]

Homebrew Batch 2: Tasting

Apr 13, 2012 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

For our second batch of homebrew we used a Wheat Beer recipe kit and added an orange “tea” to the fermenter with the beer (which you can read about here). The goal was to add some citrus flavor and aroma to the beer and it was certainly a success. This brew pours a rich amber-orange color with […]

Homebrew Batch 2: Brew Day

Apr 12, 2012 - Beer - 0 Comments - Standard

Since we deemed our first batch of brew a success, and since we felt that we had learned a lot from the experience, we felt comfortable enough trying something new. For our second batch we purchased a Wheat Beer recipe kit from our local homebrewing supply store which contained all the ingredients we would need for a […]